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Santa Camp Book


A Whimsical Fantasy Christmas Book

Have you ever wondered if Santa and the Tooth Fairy would show up at your house on the same night or who would replace Santa if he retired?
Well, wonder no more. This soon-to-be-classic Christmas Book starts with a young impish boy, Nate, losing a tooth on Christmas Eve. When Santa and the Tooth Fairy arrive, Nate learns some shocking news about the couple. He also learns the jolly old elf is planning to retire and Nate will have a chance to become the next Santa.

The Competition Begins!

Nate comes to a week-long Santa Camp to compete for the position. At camp we meet Randy the Elf, learn more about Rudolph, discover how reindeer fly, and follow eight boys as they endure various tests and training to see which one has the “right stuff” to be the next Santa.

Will Christmas Be Saved?

One by one, the boys are eliminated until only three remain. Nate, and two others, are invited to accompany Santa on a ride-along during the next Christmas Eve. On his final test, with Christmas teetering near disaster, can Nate save the day?

Santa Camp

Santa Camp is a whimsical fantasy telling the story of how Santa Claus is planning to retire and is looking to find his replacement.

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Fantastic book for all ages! Creative, clever, and absolutely magical. Highly recommend!



What an absolutely awesome story! Whimsical, adventurous and heartwarming!!! Just loved it. The writing is superb. A must buy for this Christmas season!!



Delightfully entertaining fun for the whole family. As a parent I found myself quickly relating to the storyline. The pages are full of sharp wit and quick quips that kept me rolling with Santa Ho! Ho! Ho! belly laughs the entire time. My grandchildren were absolutely intrigued by the dilemma presented by Santa and the Tooth Fairy crossing paths. They would not let me put the book down until we got to THE END!



The author has created such a sweet and charming story!
A new holiday favorite!



I ordered this charming book for my lower elementary sons for St Nick’s day earlier this December. My son tore through this clever story and quickly informed his younger brother of the otherwise unknown working of Santa “operations”. Without giving it away, he slowly took on the character as he read…and when finished, he’s hoping for a second and third book. As am I!